Jeff Sessions as  The White Goblin
 Steve Bannon as  The Thing That Needs To Crawl Back Into Its Hole
 Michael Flynn as  The Angriest Bird
 Ben Carson as  The Sleeping Leviathin
 Rex Tillerson as  The Thing With Too Many Roots
 Scott Pruitt as  The Toxic Cloud
 Tom Price as  The Fallopian Moose
 Betsy DeVos as  The Fox In The Henhouse
 Steve Mnuchin as  The Great Scavenger
 KellyAnne Conway as  The Plumed Dragon
 Newt Gingrich as  The Spiteful Sprite
 Rudolph Giuliani as  The Thing That Ought To Fly Away By Now
 Chris Christie as  The One That Got Away
 Ivanka Trump as  The Bling Bat
 Jared Kushner as  The Squirrely Little Weasel
 Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao as  What Was Left When The Swamp Was Drained
  The Phoenix That Launched A Thousand Tweets
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